Equine Training and Riding Instruction Services

Horse Training - Equine

equine services 1With unique and unconventional methods having their roots in the philosophy of natural horsemanship, Jonathan has developed Horse Whisperer Training, an elite horse training program. 

Training the horses by appealing to their herd instincts, Jonathan's method includes careful observation, gentle and natural communication techniques and relationship building. 

After an initial evaluation of horse, tack, routine, and past and current history, as well as rider's level of experience and goals, Jonathan will formulate an individualized and successful program which will result in a correct, safe, and enjoyable partnership between you and your horse. 

Horse training programs include:

  • Start to Finish
  • Young Horses Started
  • Exercise Programs
  • Problems and Issues Corrected
  • Tune-Ups

Horse Riding Instruction

Jonathan is a patient and skilled horse riding instructor, utilizing a structured learning environment so that students  will learn the skills and build the confidence required to excel in their chosen discipline.  Programs are individualized based on an initial consult and evaluation, student goals, and level of experience. There is always an emphasis on being gentle, safe, and having fun. 

Beginner through Advanced, Children and Adults

Basic horsemanship, Hunt seat, Western, Equitation, Trail lessons

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Equine Facility Planning

Jonathan helps you to plan and create your private or commercial equestrian property, including barn layout and other facility components, fencing and turnout areas, training facilities, and trails.  Horse selection and care, safety and learning protocols are structured and implemented.

Clinics, After-school and Camp Programs

Quality Horses, bought and sold.